DEADLINE: 10 November 2022

If you are passionate about accessing International opportunities and help communities access them, then apply for the United Nations Careers. Com Global Ambassadors Volunteer Programme. The United Nations Careers. Com is a voluntary International Non-Governmental online platform that provides authentic and verified job, internships, volunteer and fellowship opportunities that arise in International Organisations. This is not a legal representation of the United Nations. Our aim is to help individuals to find and lift the burden of searching for opportunities, that will transform and sustain communities. The core of our work is voluntary aided by a motive of making it easy for professionals and the marginalised to find opportunities to address pressing global challenges.

At the heart of United Nations Careers. Com is the desire to bridge an information gap, empower mostly young people in the peripherals /last mile with information who are often marginalised and intimidated to apply for global opportunities

Our vision is anchored on helping individuals around the world to find authentic and verified international opportunities.

Against, this background geared by the drive to leave no one behind, the United Nations Careers. Com is looking for Global Ambassador Volunteers (GAVs) whose main task is to conduct outreach partnerships with international organizations, universities and source for international opportunities and disseminate to students, entry level, medium to senior level professionals.

The main channel of dissemination of information on International Opportunities will be through our official website , facebook, linkeldin , Instagram, telegram, twitter among other modern social media channels. All opportunities shared are subject to thorough verification inorder to guard against misinformation.

We are looking for young people aged between 18-30 who are confident, tech savvy, innovative and creative. Young people in media, communications and who have a history of growing followers via twitter, tik tok , facebook and Instagram are mostly welcome

Benefits of Being Global Ambassador Volunteers

  1. Personal and Professional Branding Program
  2. Access to multiple international opportunities (fellowships, internships, voluntary, scholarships, jobs) and assistance with refining CV, Statement of purpose, intent and motivational letters
  3. Transformative and adaptive leadership training seminars
  4. Career Guidance for those aspiring a career in international development, international organizations, international relations, diplomacy and foreign affairs
  5. Certificate for volunteering

Selection Criteria

  1. Pay attention to detail in sourcing, searching (online) for opportunities and verify before disseminating
  2. Must have at least a laptop and /or tablet, smart phone
  3. Must be fluent in English (both writing and reading)
  4. Fluency in Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese is an added advantage
  5. Aged between 18-30
  6. Partnership building and maintaining. Articulate and growing networks.
  7. Geographical representation
  8. All young people from around the world are welcome to apply

Application process


Prepare the following documents :

  • In not more than 500 words write a motivation letter outlining why you want to be a Global Ambassador Volunteer for the United Nations Careers. Com
  • Attach your updated CV

And Send your motivation letter and CV to and copy (cc) to

Best Wishes with your application

Application Deadline: 10 November 2022

The end.


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