The Department of Defence is recruiting x11 Finance Clerk

DEPARTMENT: 18 November 2022

POST 42/11 : FINANCE CLERK (X11 POSTS): Financial Management Division

Directorate: Stores, Services and Related Payments (DSSRP)- Finance Accounting Service Centre

SALARY : R176 310 per annum (Level 05)
CENTRE : FASC Potchefstroom, North West Ref No: 22/9/3A (X3 Posts)

  • FASC Lohathla, Northern Cape Ref No: CFO 22/9/3B
  • FASC Hoedspruit, Phalaborwa Ref No: 22/9/3C
  • FASC Lenz, Johannesburg Ref No: 22/9/3D (X2 Posts)
  • FASC Youngsfield, Cape Town Ref No: 22/9/3E (X2 Posts)
  • FASC Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape Ref No: 22/9/3F
  • FASC Waterkloof, Pretoria Ref No: 22/9/3G


Grade 12 certificate with Finance/Accounting subjects. Computer literate in MS Office software packages (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Ability in understanding, interpreting and correctly applying financial policies and prescripts. Ability to effectively liaise and communicate with clients. Decisive and persevering in terms of task finalisation. Willing to be detached to Satellite Offices across geographical boundaries. Willing to work with cash (as cashier), in Rand and Foreign currency. Willing to assist with general administrative functions and archiving /filing/safekeeping of all accounting documentation.
Added advantage: Post Matric qualification in Finance/Accounting. A minimum of one-year relevant experience. A valid RSA or Military driver’s licence. Basic knowledge of financial and accounting processes. Basic knowledge of contract management and supply chain management process. Sound knowledge of the Public Finance Management Act and Treasury Regulations as well as knowledge of Financial Management Systems or other financial systems.


Strictly apply policies, prescriptions and regulation. Performing of cashier duties by paying out of cash advances. Receipt of State monies in to the paymaster General Account (PMG). Receive cash from client and verify or correctness in terms of the purpose of the payment. Issue an official receipt. Accurate allocation of Revenue. Timely preparation and capturing of deposits on FMS and securely dispatching of deposits to the bank. Safekeeping and issuing of Face Value Documents (FVD). Archiving of Accounting documents, Safekeeping of payment and other accounting documentation for audit purposes. Utilise the Financial Management System (FMS) to regularly record all accounting transactions and do enquiries, administering of claims on the central Advance System and capturing of all related accounting transactions on FMS. Confirmation of TELKOM accounts and assisting with general administration and accounting functions at the FASC. Scrutinise, verify, register and couple medical and supplier invoices for payment.

ENQUIRIES : Ms D.A. McCosh, Tel No: (012) 392 2893/2892


Applications must be submitted to: Financial Management Division, DFSS, Career Management Section, Private Bag X 137,Pretoria, 0001 or applications may be hand-delivered to: Department of Defence, Poynton building, 195 Bosman Street, Pretoria where it must be placed in wooden post box 5


Preference will be given to Western Cape Province (African males and Coloured males), Northern Cape (White males and Coloured males), Limpopo (African males), Eastern Cape (African females and Coloured females), North West (African males and White females), Gauteng (African males, African females, Indian males, Indian females, and Coloured males) and Persons with a disability to all provinces Reception (Please use reference number, not post number).


Applications must be submitted on the prescribed form Z83 (obtainable from any Public Service Department office i.e effective 01 January 2021 or on the DPSA website link: Should an application be received using incorrect application employment form Z83, it will be disqualified, which must be originally initialled, signed and dated by the applicant and which must be accompanied by a detailed CV only (with full particulars of the applicants’ training, qualifications, competencies, knowledge & experience). In terms of circular no 19 of 2022 on practice notes on the Z83 application for employment and other related matters the following must be considered in relation to the completion of the new Z83 form by applicants: Part A all fields must be completed. Part B all fields must be completed in full except when passport number: South African applicants need not provide passport numbers, applicant has responded “no” to the question are you conducting business with the State or are you a Director of a Public or Private company conducting business with the State. If yes, “(provide the details)”, then it is acceptable for an applicant to indicate not applicable or leave blank to the question, “In the event that you are employed in the Public Service, will you immediately relinquish such business interests?” If your profession or occupation requires official registration, provide date and particulars of registration” – Some applicants may not be in possession of such therefore it is acceptable if left blank or if not applicable is indicated. Part C all fields must be completed. Part D all fields must be completed. Part E, F and G: noting that there is limited space provided often indicate “refer to Curriculum Vitae (CV) or see attached”, this is acceptable as long as the CV has been attached and provides the required information. If the information is not provided in the CV, the applicant may be disqualified. It must be noted that a CV is an extension of the application of employment Z83, and applicants are accountable for the information that is provided therein. The questions related to conditions that prevent re-appointment under Part F must be answered. Declaration must be completed and signed.

The end.


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