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Our primary aim is to assist in producing high quality research through our consultancy services.

We also bring together diversity in research skills and knowledge through open access to information through discussions on our Facebook groups and pages.

We have a dedicated team composed of researchers, students, professors, practitioners who all come together to contribute towards knowledge utilization and creating a research inquest.

We our high quality dissertation writing services that cannot be matched with traceable high record of achievement. We offer due diligence to your work and we are committed to quality.

Our services include:

We support you in detailing your Background to the research problem we encourage you to

  • Provide the context in which the study is being conducted.
  • Move from general to particular.
  • Do not just give the history of the organization or industry unless it is the core of the research problem.
Youth Opportunities Hub
In the picture above: Dissertation/research process explained

Our Professional Experts will guide you in: Formulating Statement of the problem by helping you to:

  • State the research problem.
  • The research problem shall be in two parts.
  • The first part addresses the practical problem observed.
  • The second part addresses the knowledge gap that the study seeks to close.

Literature review support services we guide you by ensuring that the following are observed in your research:

  • The specific subject of interest, showing what strides have been made regarding the research area.
  • Major theories underpinning the study should
  • The review should be current and backed by recent and traceable references (most references shall be within the last five years unless it is seminal work).
  • The literature shall be understandable to colleagues from a broad range of disciplines.
  • Use scholarly sources/references.
  • Illuminate the research gaps that the study aims to address instead of just writing notes.

We help you in designing your research methodology in the following areas

  • Research philosophy
  • Research strategy
  • Research design
  • Target population
  • Sample size
  • Sampling method
  • Research instruments
  • Data collection procedures
  • Data analysis and presentation methods
  • Reliability and validity
  • Ethical considerations

We offer Professional assistance in Data analysis and presentation methods by guiding you to:

  • Explain how data will be analyzed and presented.
  • For quantitative research, data analysis methods include descriptive statistics (e.g. frequencies, percentages, mean and standard deviation), Chi-Square test, T-test, ANOVA, F-test, regression analysis, structural equation modelling.
  • Software packages that can be used to execute such quantitative analyses include Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), Analysis of Moment Structures (AMOS), Linear Structural Relations (LISREL), R, EViews, etc.
  • Data are normally presented in tables and figures.

•     For qualitative research, data analysis is usually done at three levels, namely thematic, content, and discourse.

•     NVivo is an example of software packages that can be used to analyze qualitative data.

•     Data are normally presented as themes and in tables, figures and verbatim

Let us help you to reference your work easily using the latest referencing software for any reference style or format this would help you in dealing away with plagiarism. The reference software gives a well coordination between in-text and end text. Easy referencing# Less plagiarism# Validation of your work#

Youth Opportunities Hub
In the picture above: Showing Referencing Management Tools

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