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Subscriber's Q&A (Session 1)
Subscriber's Q&A (Session 1)

Apply for the Joint Japan- World Bank Scholarship

Deadline: 05 February 2021

Location: Japan

About the Japan- World Bank Scholarship Program in Economics and Public Policy

Thank you very much for your interest in the Program in Economic and Public Policy (PEPP) at the University of Tsukuba! This page is for applicants who wish to apply to the program via the Scholarship Track.

PEPP offers two application tracks: 1) the PEPP Scholarship Track, and 2) the General Track. If you are not sure which application track is appropriate for you, please also refer to the PEPP General Track admission page.

The application window for both the PEPP Scholarship Track and General Track for enrollment in October, 2021 will be open from December 17 2020 to February 5 2021.

Application period (as shown in the picture below)

Youth Opportunities Hub
* Please note that schedule may be changed by condition.

Application Requirements

To be eligible for applying to scholarships, you must fulfill the requirements listed in Parts I and II.

Applicants who are not eligible for scholarships and wish to enroll in PEPP can apply for admission via the PEPP General Track.

To apply to PEPP applicants must:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and have completed 16 years of school education (up to undergraduate level). A strong background in economics and associated quantitative tools (linear algebra, calculus and basic statistics) is highly recommended.
  • Note: Those applicants who have completed their university education in countries where formal schooling lasts less than 16 years, who are at least 22 years old, and who have spent at least one year in a research or similar institution, may qualify to apply by filling out and submitting the provided form (Certificate of Research Activities).
  • Demonstrate proficiency in oral and written English communication skills by submitting either of the following: a) Score of standardized test such as IELTS / TOEFL / TOEIC b) Other evidence such as a letter from the university or current working place, as deemed appropriate by the Graduate School
  • Be in good health with respect to the capacity to be a productive scholar for the duration of the Graduate Program, as certified by a medical doctor.

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Criteria by Scholarship

To apply for a JJ/WBGSP scholarship applicants must:

Be a national of a World Bank member country listed in Annex 1 of the JJWBGSP Guidelines.

Not be a dual citizen of any developed country.

Be in good health.

Hold a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent university degree) earned at least 3 years before the date of the Application Deadline.

Have 3 years or more of recent development-related work experience after earning a Bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree.

Have at least 3 years of paid development-related employment since earning a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent university degree) and acquired within the past 6 years from the date of the Application Deadline. Please see Annex 2 for a suggested list of development-related topics. The only exception to this criterion is for developing country nationals from a country that is on the list of Fragile and Conflict States noted in Annex 3. In these exceptional cases, we do take into consideration the limited employment opportunities in those countries listed in Annex 3.

On or after the date the call for scholarship applications opens, not be an Executive Director, his/her alternate, and/or staff of any type of appointment (including temporary and consultant) of the World Bank Group (The World Bank, International Development Association, International Finance Corporation, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, and International Center for Settlements of Investment Disputes); or not be a close relative of the aforementioned by blood or adoption with the term “close relative” defined as: Mother, Father, Sister, Half-sister, Brother, Half-brother, Son, Daughter, Aunt, Uncle, Niece, or Nephew.

More Information About JJ/WBGSP scholarship

To apply for an ADB-JSP scholarship applicants must:

Be a citizen of an ADB borrowing member and Japanese ODA scholarship eligible country listed here.

Hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent with a superior academic record.

Gain admission to an approved MA course at an academic institution.

Have at least two (2) years of full-time professional working experience (acquired after a university degree) at the time of application. Proficiency in oral and written English communication skills to be able to pursue studies.

Not be more than 35 years old at the time of application. In exceptional cases, for programs which are appropriate for senior officials and managers, the age limit is 45 years old.

Be in good health.

Agree to return to his/her home country after completion of studies under the Program.

In addition:

Executive Directors, Alternate Directors, management and staff of ADB, consultants, and close relatives of the aforementioned are not eligible for the Scholarship.

Staff of ADB–JSP designated institutions are not eligible for the Scholarship.

Applicants living or working in a country other than his/her home country are not eligible for scholarships.

ADB–JSP does not support applicants who are already enrolled in graduate degree programs.

ADB–JSP does not sponsor undergraduate studies, distance learning programs, short-term training, conferences, seminars, thesis writing, and research projects.

More information about ADB-JSP:

How to apply

1.Check if you meet all application requirements above.

2.To complete application process efficiently and successfully, you must read the Application Instructions carefully before/during application process. FAQ may be of assistance to you.

3. In order to start the application process, you will need to first register your email address. Once you register, we will send an email to this registered email address. The email will contain a link to start the application process.

However, if you do not receive our email within 10 minutes after registering, please first check your spam-mail folder. Our email might have been put in your spam-mail folder. If you still cannot find the email from us after searching in your spam mail folder, please use another email address to register. Outlook and livemail servers in particular may automatically consider our mail to be spam-mail.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please send an email to: pepp_app [at] (Please replace [at] with [@].)

Official Joint- World Bank Scholarship Website

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