2020 was not a good year for almost everyone. Corona virus shook the hearts of many who have the resources to stand at any disease. They were broken down, the enemy (COVID-19) was/is more vicious and unpredictable than any worst disaster this generation has ever witnessed. It whips anyone it comes across. The economies went to a standstill, shops stood like giant mousselines of ancient kings. The quietness and the fear crushed the hopes of many and many more losing their lives too.

Some people survived the disease but their banks and savings are wallowing in starvation and agony. The retrenchment rate shoot off the roof leaving many family heads jobless and hopeless. America recorded millions of job losses in less than five months and more half of a million deaths worldwide.  One sad story is of an Italian man who send himself crushing to the ground after all his family members lost their precious lives to the deadly corona virus- the video went viral.

A lot of people claimed 2020 was their year and it promised so. I did not want to call it 2020 I preferred 20-plenty because I was seeing myself getting ahead financially, travelling to places of my dream and possibly marrying and spending days in the Vumba mountains with the love of my life-honeymoon. Well, I fell on the ground more than I thought I would. I lost more than I gained. The plenty I got is not the plenty I was looking for. I wanted more happiness and achievements but I got the opposite- no love, no gym, no travelling.

Many had this tragedy. Some gave up, some waited on patiently and finally gave up whilst other chose not to back down. The hardest thing is to get back up when you fall. It is easy to get back up when you have some aid and a starting point than falling and have to start from scratch again. It is really hard but “when you fall eight times rise up nine times”- Japanese proverb.

No one wants to confidently say 2021 is my year even most the so called prophets are quiet. Maybe the revelation froze in the air amid the Corona wars and fears. As 2020 was coming to an end the second wave of the corona pandemic is reported. The health experts say the wave is more dangerous and cunning than the first one. Is 2021 a twin of 2020? Are we crushing even more?

It is the time to have resolutions and get things right that we got wrong. Well, many are not sure if its worthy making resolutions for a new year that might end up like another long month. You need that plan and positivity. Failing to plan is a plan to fail dismally. When you are planning do not tie yourself to a rigid plan. Leave a room for yourself to be flexible to switch from one main plan to a sub-plan. Make options for surviving a turbulent- act like you are in a ship, have lifesaving boats and floaters in case of drowning.

In the book Art of War, half of winning the battle is knowing the enemy and yourself. What is your enemy? Is it poverty, procrastination, laziness, illness or Covid-19? Know it better and know yourself well. Have an edge against your fears and obstacles. Now that the experts promise to be discovering treatment of the virus and we know precautionary measures we are halfway towards the victory. Whatever mistakes that we learnt in 2020 going back it is now the time to armor them on and use them to get to the winning ways. Do not fall in the same pit twice. Our mistakes and past are not a case, they carry with them important lessons and tools we need for our success story.

A lot can be said on ways to prepare for getting ahead and standing tall against the odds, but PRAYER is the most powerful tool we need. We have heard so many times speakers say ‘do your best and leave the rest to the mightier power than you’. God answered the prayers of the Israelites when they were suffering from the Pharaoh’s regime. It is the same God who granted David victory over Goliath.  The same God still answers the prayers, loves you and has made you see this day. After all has been done and said only Him knows tomorrow and all belongs to him. All the scriptures that carry God’s word unanimously or should I say miraculously agree that God answers prayers of the one who calls unto Him.

I am not trying to be preachy but you are not lost, you shall rise again. Whatever that you went through it was meant to prepare for what is yet to come. The fears that you have now will not be a big issue should you encounter them in the future because you are toughened and know ways to get over them.

To yet another year. Be blessed and be fruitful.

By Lewis Madziire. Mr Madziire is an author and motivational speaker. Passionate about changing the world to a better place by helping you attain your goals. He published a book titled The Anchor- Giving stability in an otherwise uncertain situation. He also wrote many other powerful articles that will change your life on his website and other organizations’ websites as well Sunday news a branch of Zimbabwe’s leading news broadcaster. The author has at hand another book to be published 2021 named Towards the Mark that he confidently claims it will take you home pushing you to be more and do more of the things you desire to be.

Lewis Hails from Harare, Zimbabwe

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