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Deadline: 04 November 2020

Location: Saudi Arabia

Type of Job: Unspecified


The role is responsible for accurately and efficiently capturing the deliberations and decisions of the meetings, contributing to quality review of submitted documents and managing a digitized meeting support and follow-up system. The role also supports the Quality Review and Country Programs Management Committees Secretariat (QCCS), in the VP-CP Front Office, by contributing to improvement of quality review mechanisms. The role covers the BEDs Operations and Development Effectiveness Committee (ODEC), Operations Management Committee (OMC), Heads of Departments (HoD) of the Country Programs Complex and other technical quality review meetings of CP Complex managed by the VP-CP Office.


Synthesizing, Documenting and Following-up on Meeting Deliberations and Decisions

  • Attend the meetings of the Operations Management Committee (OMC), Head of Departments (HoD), Quality Review and Advisory Group (QRAG), the Operations Development Effectiveness Committee of the Board of Executive Directors (BED) and VPCP meetings with delegations (including during annual meeting) for note taking and documentation of all-important points and decisions taken in the meetings 
  • Produce high quality, accurate and synthesized record of the meeting deliberations/outcomes in the form of Minutes of the Meeting as per the set standards/ format and process them through set procedures for finalization and approval 
  • Keep digitized record of the documents discussed in the meeting and, the approved Minutes of Meeting for future reference 
  • Make the record of the meeting accessible to all concerned staff through electronic document management systems 
  • Manage an electronic follow-up system and support in monitoring implementation of meeting decisions and outcomes. Provide reports to VPCP on the implementation of follow-up decisions for his information and guidance
  • Share the meeting minutes for review/comments with the Senior Management for any proposed modifications after the BED-ODEC meeting.
  • Support in the preparation of the follow-up items with the concerned Departments from the meetings.
  • Prepare and distribute lists of follow up action points to the participants of meetings.
  • Contribute to the preparation of monthly synthesized reports on OMC for Office of the President as per the OMC charter. 
  • Undertake a first level review to analyze if the various comments and inputs of meetings have been incorporated in subsequent documents for attention of the chair
  • Attend as assigned other Task Force or Committee Meetings to perform the above tasks as necessary.

B. Organization, Coordination and Streamlining of Management and Quality Review Meetings:

  • Prepare the tentative yearly agenda for various meetings under the scope in collaboration with the Country Programs Complex units and the QCCS and ODEC rapporteur. 
  • Prepare the agenda for the concerned meetings in coordination with the Secretariat and submit for approval as per the business process
  • Undertake initial quality and compliance review of documents and contribute to the preparation of quality review note by the Secretariat for attention of the chair of the respective meeting (Vice President for OMC). 
  • Ensure that the documents submitted to various committees are complete in all aspects as per the defined standards/ formats/ processes. 
  • Organize meetings through coordination with concerned Departments for sharing the finalized agenda, circulation of documents pertaining to the agenda and other relevant materials to facilitate discussion. 
  • Timely coordination with concerned technical departments before the meeting to ensure that all logistical arrangements of the meetings are available including Connection with the Regional Hubs, Power Point Presentations, Sound System, Printed Materials, etc. 
  • Support in liaison and coordination with Secretariat staff and the relevant members of the committees to ensure their attendance to the meeting. 
  • Support in bi-annual review of the conduct and effectiveness of various meetings and propose recommendations for improvement. 
  • Support in collaboration with the IMDT to develop and institutionalize the digitization of all the concerned Meetings in the CP Complex. 
  • Support the Secretariat in the development of the Management Meetings Dashboard for housing all the information of the concerned meetings
  • Facilitate the Secretariat staff for smooth conduct of the meeting within the allocated time and clear outcomes. 


Academic and professional qualifications: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Development, Economics, Finances or any other related field.


  • Minimum 3 years of relevant experience in the same field in an MDB or equivalent. 

Skills & Necessary Knowledge:

  •  Understanding of development effectiveness concepts 
  • Knowledge of MS Office suite 
  • Excellent Writing Skills 
  • Good Oral Communication Skills 
  • Organization skills 
  • Experience in Digitized Document Management System. 
  • Attention to detail, accuracy and consistency 
  • Client Centricity and Responsiveness 


Core/ Behavioural:

  • Adaptability  
  • Teamwork  
  • Client Centricity and Stakeholder Management  
  • Motivation to Learn and Share Knowledge  
  • Drive for Results 


  • Change & Transition Management  
  • Solutions and Result Management  
  • Innovation and Future Orientation  
  • Leadership and People Management  
  • International and Multicultural Collaboration  
  • Communication and Partnership


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