By Lewis Madziire CONTRIBUTOR (Opinions expressed by YOH contributors are their own.)

I am sure at this point and era we all know about the phrase,” Survival of the fittest”. The fit and strong will survive the struggle and rule the territory. In business, it is all about hunting and chasing after money, clients and surviving. The business or individuals who are able to please customers the most get more and bigger sales. These type of people and businesses who have mastered the technique of attracting bigger customer base and sales volume survive for as long as they can maintain their standing.

When people talk about getting into business and being an entrepreneur it sounds all roses and fantasy until you get in. It is like a modern way of hunting and the jungle rules apply – the fittest will survive that is it. Many businesses have collapsed in their infant stage. The old and bigger businesses continue to be aggressive taking over promising small businesses into their portfolio or starving them of the profits and market share until they collapse.

Knowing your territory is the most important thing you should do when you get into business. Have all the knowledge about how things operate in the industry you are getting into or you are in. Know your rivals, associates, acquaintances, partners to be and your customers. Have knowledge of the paths that will put your business to a dead-end and rescue. Each animal in the jungle have their place where they dominate and know how to survive therein. They are placed in such a way that in the case of an attack they know where to go and take cover without much struggle.

The animals that feed on grass and shrubs usually graze together and the lions and other predators hunt together too. The weak take shield with the strong that give them protection. When you get into business, do not provoke the lions and hungry sharks in their territory. Get close to those that grant you protection and friendly competition. There are big guys in every industry that are willing to help and guard you from the predators. Watch them closely and follow their trails. Always remember that in as much as you want money and growth someone is always looking forward to hunt and take from your pocket. Hyenas are there to steal your kill. The vultures are flying overhead to feast on your enterprise once it stumbles. It is like in a jungle where both the prey and the predator have to run. If the prey slows down it will be an easy good meal for the predator, if the predator slows down it will die of hunger. THE FIT WILL SURVIVE.

Lewis Madziire has been writing and speaking as a motivational speaker for over two years. He has vast acquired knowledge as a Finance graduate, life coach and fitness coach. This helps him attain his aim to help society create a balanced life.  He Book The anchor is a life-changing manual that you must grab. Lewis can be contacted via email

Lewis hail from Harare, Zimbabwe

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