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There is a general adage which says you cannot teach a dog new tricks. This saying is misleading us to become lazy or lose hope with the process of gaining new skills. It is high time that we should desert from tired statements that are no longer holding water in the 21st century. We are living in a world of information and technology. The Internet is full of information about everything you are curious about. New tricks are possible to be learned. The key step is just commitment and zeal for the betterment. The world is changing fast, new skills are necessary. The brain of an adult may get rust with time but that doesn’t mean that it loses its ability to grasp new tricks. Everyone has the power to learn new skills but what is important is to create a strong strategy for learning new skills.

We just need to know that if the necessary tools are put place, then acquiring new skills will definitely become as easy as cutting margarine with a hot knife. In the mechanical world, they have a spanner for every nut. Hence the same applies in our day to day life, when we want to acquire new skills we should make sure that our intentions are genuine and generate the necessary energy towards learning new skills. New skills are very important on personal development and society at large

Did you know that Gianni Guaita at age of 100 he was still learning new languages? If the 100 years old man can learn a new language, what makes us fail to acquire new skills in our life? Let’s reflect and ponder. We can do it with the right mind-set. For a committed person bringing the result is the end itself. Even if a committed person fails millions of lessons are learned. So, in other words, it is a win-win situation.

Thanks to the internet that made it easier for people to learn different skills and tricks online. There are a plethora number of free online courses we can take to enhance our skills and knowledge. At the same time, one may opt for the paid online courses. New skills will make one relevant in the competitive environment we are living in.

The corona pandemic has affected the world so drastically hence some of the skills we acquired in the past are going to be irrelevant. Let’s do self-evaluation and see if we are still relevant. Let’s be like good farmers who prepare their land before the rain.

MATORA HUPILE is a graduate student in International Relations in Turkey. He is a social entrepreneur. He writes on his personal capacity. He can be contacted on

Matora hail from Harare, Zimbabwe

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