Rand Water is hiring Policy Development Specialist x2

DEADLINE: 30 November 2022

Job Advert Summary: Policy Development Specialist

This role provides:

  • Strategic influences on corporate governance, through critical analysis of policy cycles, setting of policy agenda and policy implementation
  • Strategic development of concepts for policies and policy changes that address, not just corporate, but also social, environmental, political and economic circumstances
  • Scientific research to assess current regulatory landscape, policy challenges, interest holders, historical and future policy requirements that require strategic and policy development.
  • Presents findings, provide advice and propose action to executives, Board and the Ministry. It requires an ability to persuade and influence on those capable entrusted with governance authority (Top Management, Executive Management and Board);
  • Designs policy frameworks and processes, together with overseeing effective change management and post implementation evaluation;
  • Identifies key Stakeholder, mobilises stakeholder, elicits engagement and collaborations between stakeholders, collaborations, and persuades decision making and adoption;
  • Understanding and identification of corporate plans/strategies that may be impacted by policy issues, strategically align those to corporate risk and consequently manage policy risks throughout the organisation; and
  • Efficient financial management in order to manage and comply with pre-set budget within the Policy Development Unit; The job therefore requires professional qualification, specialised experience and technical know-how that stretches beyond operational capabilities and thus demands a skill that combines corporate governance, public policy practices and management abilities

Minimum Requirements

  • Essential qualifications are:
  • Qualification: LLB or equivalent law degree, Social Sciences or Management Sciences.
  • An Honours or Master’s degree is advantageous
  • Experience: 8 – 10 years’ experience with a proven track record in: Public sector regulation;
  • Conceptualising, influencing and co-ordinating policy development.
  • Liaise and coordinate effectively at all levels within the organisation.
  • Research, benchmark, align and influence internal and external stakeholder on policy making

Primary Duties


  • Research and benchmark policy issues for alignment with prevailing law, public policy, internal policies and best practices.
  • Interrogate corporate strategies and risks, identify policy gaps that impact on achievement of corporate plans and risk mitigation, suggest policy gaps improvement;
  • Benchmark with similar market players or government institution.
  • Actively manage corporate risk by ensuring that risks related to policy management are identified, rated and mitigated.   
  • Identification of policy issues and problems, together with developing policy solutions using policy cycles by:
    Strategically overseeing and improving policy management frameworks.
    Designing and improving approaches to processes, procedures, approval, template documents and record keeping of written policies.
    Facilitate the organizational understanding of hierarchy of documents, the terms for the different types of documents that can be prepared and how they align to each other.
    Strategically guide the preparation of policy documents within the hierarchy and ensure uniformity of policies, framework/guidelines, processes, procedures, standards and other relevant documentation across all departments of Rand Water.;
    Capacitate management, compliance officers and custodians/developers of policies on policy process requirements and differences between the various documents and the content required within each type of document.
  • Conduct continuous policy monitoring and develop improvement methods, coupled with continuous specialist advisory, training and capacitation of compliance of officers and policy developers.
  • Developing, implementing and managing a culture good policy management, awareness and high compliance standards;                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Prior to approval of policies & procedures, give comfort that they have been reviewed for alignment with legislation, internal policies, general public policy, corporate strategies and corporate risk;
  • Trigger internal discussions to influence public policy/legislative making.
  • Persuade and influence management in policy making using research and benchmark outcomes.
  • Decision Limits (Accountability): in line with delegated authority, the position has complete control in policy development and recommending approval; and has full authority to engage all Business Units to solicit inputs; inclusive of authority to engage management and executives and provide them with guidance, advisory and influence policy content.
  • The role is directly linked to good corporate governance and therefore, other than the Policy Development Manager, the role accounts to the Chief Strategy Officer and TMC on how Rand Water manages its policies and consequence thereof;                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Strategic, operational and tactical planning for the PDU, which includes developing and successfully implementing the annual plan, including any related special tasks or projects requested by management and the audit committee or governance forum.
  • Maintaining and improving a comprehensive policy management system, which includes development and implementation of adequate policies, procedures and process.
  • Efficient identification of policy management risk areas within Rand Water at large.
  • Informing the policy audit scope, engaging auditors and successful audit outcomes.

Click here to apply for Policy Development Specialist position at Rand Water

Click here to apply for Policy Development Specialist position at Rand Water



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