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As you start a new path in your life there is always that fear that comes in and shakes off every bit of the courage that you have. It feels like you are getting into a dark forest that smells death, blood and pain. You get afraid to do things that you like and want.

What is this fear about? Where does it come from? In most cases the fear that will always come to us is the fear of the unknown. We do not know what exactly we are afraid of. We are afraid to meet new challenges. There is a feeling that says what if it goes wrong and amazingly it always pops up first most of the times when we want to do business or jump into anything productive.

The fear comes from the comfort zone. There is a false sense of safety that is in the comfort zone. Have you ever seen or felt the safety that comes when you are sandwiched by your blankets? Do the blankets give you safety? They give a sense of cover and the warmth that comes with them making you feel like you are in the heaven and you start dreaming of angels and nicest things in the world even when you are being bewitched or thieves have entered your room.  That is the type of false security that is inherent in the comfort zone, where we do not want to try new things or face challenges.

When you are ready start something new, there’s so much that can inspire fear that is embedded in the comfort zone. You might be afraid to make mistakes, to embarrass yourself, to admit that you don’t know something, or to ask for help from those who know.

It is normal to be scared. Do not ignore your fear. Pay attention and face your fear. Work to understand better what you fear so that you can figure out how to overcome it. Figure out what is in your way, whether it is an outside influence – another person, circumstance or a missing piece or is it something about yourself -lack of knowledge, being a perfectionist.

Find reasons of not to be afraid. Think of the possibilities of being successful after doing things that you fear. You need to think about all the reasons why you will and need to succeed. Your why for getting started or moving forward should be greater than your why not. Be confident that you will find your way out of the situations that you will be exposed to. Challenge yourself to acquire new skills and learn through taking action. Bear in mind that the ship is safe at the dock but it was never meant to be there- it has to sail.

Recognise that you have the abilities, skills and experiences that you will draw as you start something new. If you take risks and you succeed you will be happy, if you do not succeed you will be wise. There is always something to gain in the process of moving ahead and taking action. Always remind yourself that you are capable of success. Your fears will only steal from you the joy that you will enjoy from succeeding.

Lewis Madziire has been writing and speaking as a motivational speaker for over two years. He has vast acquired knowledge as a Finance graduate, life coach and fitness coach. This helps him attain his aim to help society create a balanced life-financially, socially and health-wise.  His book “The anchor” is a life-changing manual that you must grab. Lewis can be contacted via email

Lewis hail from Harare, Zimbabwe

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