The University of Cape Town has launched an online high school and becomes the first university on the African continent to extend its expertise and impact to the secondary schooling market through an innovative online modality.

UCT Online High School

The UCT Online High School is an ecosystem that has been designed to enable an entirely new generation of quality, affordable online and blended learning opportunities for learners from all socioeconomic backgrounds across the country. Learners are afforded the opportunity to choose an aspirational school regardless of where they live. The UCT Online High School redefines what it means to be a school: We’ve put every learner front and centre, right where they should be. By using the latest data-driven technology we’re able to offer a state-of-the-art personalised learning experience for every learner.

This dynamic ecosystem includes:

  • a fully supported online high school from R2 095 per month, offering a personalised education for every learner with support from expert teachers and mentors
  • an entirely free online, high-quality and interactive school curriculum for any teacher and learner to use for a broad range of South African CAPS subjects (from January 2022 onwards)
  • a series of blended learning micro schools for learners who need the safety of a physical space, as well as access to reliable hardware and internet connection to complete their studies
  • a range of bridging courses, matric rewrite programmes and alternative university credit programmes to provide South Africans with affordable pathways to access tertiary opportunities (still to be implemented).

The UCT Online High School commences in January 2022, and includes:

  • Grade 8 to 12. Grade 12 will be offered for the first time in 2023
  • South African CAPS curriculum
  • a personalised timetable for every learner
  • expert teacher and mentor support
  • a broad range of clubs and societies
  • dedicated career guidance and support.

Set your child up for success in high school, university and life. For only R2,095 per month.

Visit the UCT Online High School website for more information.


Visit UCT Online High School Application Portal


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