By Sharon Tapiwanashe Mapira #THEMARKETER CONTRIBUTOR (Opinions expressed by YOH contributors are their own.)

Back to basics, imagine your product as simply 1 green cabbage in a basket full of red and green cabbages. The same market with client who like red and green cabbages alike. What will make yours stand out, what attracts the customers to your product, what makes yours any better? There are close to a million answers to this question under the marketing term but today let’s focus on the digital marketing perspective.

Most might ask or suggest that certain products do not need sophisticated means of attaining customers. Here is the thing, any product seeks to satisfy a need that a certain group of people need to fulfill therefore we can established that even a farmer is able to go digital. In today’s world convenience has become vital and has given most companies a competitive edge to thrive on. Digital Marketing ensures this and here is how.

It helps business owner to transform the way they reach and engage their audience. Digital marketing narrows down clients to their specific demographics, this targeted marketing will give the farmer knowledge on who orders more mushroom than the other. Conversely every time mushrooms are in season we know who to contact. Basic! What more if business owners are able to engage their audience by giving full knowledge of their products. Remember, awareness increases interest which raises a desire that pushes an action to buy.

Let’s not forget that small businesses do not have huge capital tied up, digital marketing is a cost effective way to get your product visible.We will not begin to talk about newspaper advertising costs or booking space on radio and television. Moreover digital marketing allows upcoming entrepreneurs to measure their digital campaigns in real time and the use of analytics gives more details on if the strategy is working as efficiently as expected and these strategies ultimately give a positive impact on the business’s ROI.

In a nutshell, digital marketing gives a new business owner a fighting chance in the market by remaining competitive online be it nationally or internationally thus exposing the business to new clients. There is a lot to gain through this shift and if this article does not at least hint the importance of digital marketing, i don’t know what will.

SHARON MAPIRA is a seasoned digital marketer with a passion to help small businesses reach their full potential and enhance competitiveness through digital marketing strategies. She can be contacted at the following email:

Sharon hail from Harare, Zimbabwe

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