Deadline: 20 August 2020|

Location: Lusaka: Zambia (Vision Fund)|

Contract: Fixed Term, Full time|

Who can apply?

Everyone with the required results


To manage & coordinate human resources strategy for VisionFund Zambia including manpower planning, recruitment & selection, orientation, placement, performance management, compensation package, staff development and talent management.


Ensure that HR Strategy is developed & implemented in all areas of the organization and in compliance with VF Zambia & VFI standards:

  • Makes Board presentations of P & C matters.
  • Provides strategic people support and advice on Human Resources issues.
  • Updates the P&C manual on a per need basis, and ensures that all revision and addition to the policies are written in the employee handbook; Informs all concerned staff the changes entered into the employee handbook/P&C manual.
  • Ensures that good insurance covers for staff are in place that will be of benefit to the organization.
  • Reviews and updates P&C policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • As required quarterly present to board P &C matters (or as needed).

Staffing Plan & Budgets:

  • Contributes and advises on senior management strategic planning, with particular responsibility for HR needs, policies and procedures.
  • Prepares and submits annual budget and plan for the approval of the SMT & Board as necessary.
  • Plans and implements P&C related procurements and services.
  • Responsible for ensuring a conducive and safe work environment for all staff.
  • Respond to and address audit queries and suggestions.

Recruitment, Selection, Orientation and Placement:

  • Develops letters of appointment, transfer, promotion, and the like; and sends to the concerned staff after approval.
  • Conducts “due diligence” or the “fit and proper” test to assess the job applicant’s background and character.
  • Ensures that VF Zambia maintains a standardized and systematic hiring and recruitment process; develops or updates hiring policies and procedures most appropriate to individual positions.
  • Coordinates all recruitment for VF Zambia: reviews staff requisitions, supervises the hiring and contractual process, and arranges for the new employee’s orientation with the immediate supervisor.

Compensation & Rewards:

  • Reviews the benefits scheme (compensation, incentives, and other benefits) on a regular basis (2-3 years) and ensures that it is properly administered in accordance with the P&C manual and prevailing local labour laws.
  • If necessary, recommends any exceptions to the CEO and seeks approval from the regional office.
  • Conducts consultations with department heads to determine performance indicators and benchmarks per position.
  • Periodically carries out salaries and benefits surveys for the review process in order to develop and maintain a competitive compensation package and incentive schemes for staff.

Performance Management & Engagement:

  • Develop, implement and monitor staff performance appraisals and ensure that these are done on a regular basis.
  • Reviews and upgrades the performance appraisal tools in collaboration with the regional office, determine effectiveness and applicability.
  • Investigates all disciplinary and grievance cases with the respective staff, provides guidance, and corrective action through counseling, training, or instituting disciplinary procedures.
  • In consultation with the senior management, develops performance indicators and standards in promoting staff to higher posts.
  • Works closely with the SMT and MFI branches to improve branch efficiency & effectiveness.

Capability & Competency Management:

  • Conducts periodic staff training needs assessments and plans for capacity building- training and staff development.
  • Coordinates and develops the staff development strategy to make sure that the staff continues to achieve professional growth within VF Zambia.

Employee Relations & Change Agent:

  • Advise staff on the grievance procedures and the WVI/VFI whistleblower policy.
  • Monitor the IIM system to ensure that cases reported are addressed and closed.
  • Coordinate staff training on sexual harassment, safeguarding, personal security and other key training aimed at improving employee experience at the MFI.
  • Coordinates grievance hearing between the staff and the committees.
  • Supports the board and management in cases of suspension and disciplinary action.

And any other duties that may be assigned from time to time (5%)

Visit to the Field operations.

And any other duties that may be assigned from time to time.

Participate actively in the Africa regional P&C initiatives and mandates.

Represent the MFI in professional P&C forums and meetings.

On-going on personal professional development.


  • Master/Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources management or related field.
  • Bachelors’ Degree in HR, Social Science, Psychology or related field.
  • Excellent interpersonal counseling & problem- solving skills.
  • Very good knowledge of oral & written English.
  • Very good analytical & reporting skills.
  • Good trainer, facilitator, mentor and coach.
  • Experienced in using various human resource information systems.
  • Good knowledge of WV &VFI Partnership (an added advantage).
  • Proficient in Microsoft office applications.
  • Be a good leader.
  • Familiar with Core business.

How to Apply:

Visit World vision official link and Apply:

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