Apply for the Young Creative Forum Ambassador Program

Deadline: 21 February 2021

About the Young Creative Forum Ambassador Program

The young creative forum county Ambassador program is a one year professional development and leadership opportunity for young changemakers between the ages of 18 and 35 years with a proven track record in mobilizing other young people to have a positive impact in their community. Ambassadors play a key role in bringing the benefits of young creative forum to national, regional, and local groups of changemakers, raising visibility and awareness about the young creative forum platform as a resource and networking hub for changemakers.

As part of the program, the young creative forum country Ambassadors design and implement awareness campaigns on critical issues impacting young people; host learning events that contribute to knowledge, skill-building, local engagement, and peer-to-peer networking; and contribute their ideas on how to make the platform more relevant to changemakers in our network to the young creative forum team.

Additional information

Who we are

Young Creative Forum is a non- governmental and multi-national organization that cuts across the world. We are a global community of young people with a strong passion in making our youthful age great and desirous.  Young Creative Forum is a platform that brings opportunities to young people to learn new skills, equip her members with invaluable knowledge and the ability to work effectively and efficiently on time bound projects.

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Our mission

Our mission is to bring together creative young leaders and professionals from around the globe and from different entrepreneurial and enterprising spheres to make great societal impact and build a system that fosters mutual support cum synergy among its members.

Our vision

Young Creative Forum, having young people’s interest at its fulcrum, organizes annual youth conferences in different parts of the world to train and educate youths on:

·       Entrepreneurship

·       Leadership

·       Business

·       Career

·       Nation building

·       Social work

·       Positively inclined events

In addition, YCF hosts youth online talks, business meetings, debates, community service and SDG’s programmes. Young Creative Forum also affords her members the chance to be online interns for community building, to connect with interesting projects and project partners, job opportunities, scholarships, fully funded internships, study abroad programs, and building a network of experienced people thereby creating a wealth of human resource for the future.


YCF accepts membership from young people across the globe with no bias as to race, culture, religion, denomination, tribe, belief and political inclinations.

Currently, YCF comprises members from ten countries which include U.S.A, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Switzerland, Pakistan, India, Austria, Cameroon and Gambia. Join us today and together we’ll make the world a better place.

How to apply

If you want to apply for the YCF Ambassadors Program, please click here

Visit official YCF website here


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