Deadline: 15 January 2021

Youth opportunities Hub (Nigerian Branch) has called on Nigerians to nominate outstanding young Nigerians that are advancing the cause of human and global development for its 2020 ‘Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award, also known as YOH Nigeria TOYP.

The nomination process for the TOYP which commenced on the 15th of November, 2020 via the organisation’s web portal across the 36 Nigerian States will last for forty-five days slated to close by January 15 2021.

TOYP Chairperson, Mohammed Shakiri from Zamfara State, specified that the TOYP-YOH Award is to recognize the good works of young Nigerians who have attained national prominence before the age of 45. This is open to any eligible Nigerian youth and not YOH members only.

“The process requires procedure that allows for the nomination of any young Nigerian, who resides in or out of Nigeria and is between the ages of 18 and 40”, she explained

Mohammed further urged the general members across the 36 states in Nigeria to use this opportunity to nominate any outstanding young person with distinguished records and achievements in the context of youth opportunities (human and global development).

The award categories include business, economic, entrepreneurial accomplishments, political, legal and/or governmental affairs, academic leadership, and cultural achievement.

Other categories are moral, environmental leadership, contribution to children’s welfare, world peace, human rights, voluntary leadership, science, technological development, personal improvement or accomplishment in medical innovation.

She further stated that, the award selection process would be presided by a panel of eminent and credible individuals from different occupations. TOYP’S Ethiopia office will streamline the nominees to just ten.

“This will be done after the close of the nomination process. Subsequently, the last ten finalists will be selected and they will be recognized during a special TOYP award ceremony next year at the African Union head office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Youth Opportunities Hub’s President for Nigeria, Mr MAJESTY DAVID said, “YOH Nigeria believes in recognizing the works of young people who are creating better societies by being socially responsible”. However, he refused to comment on who is likely to win the TOYP 2020. “Any youth who is creating positive changes in their societies stand an equal chance of winning”, he said.

Youth Opportunities Hub’s Co-Founder and Global CEO Mr SHINGIRAYI KONDONGWE expressed his satisfaction, “I am highly impressed by how things are being done…I want to thank everyone involved in this process and we aspire to do more in the future”.

YOH is a membership-based international youth organization of young active citizens who are dedicated to creating positive change and opportunities in their communities.

Previously, the award was only known as TOYP before a historical partnership was made with Youth Opportunities Hub. The partnership is expected to increase awareness and youth participation. For the past 10 years, TOYP has been awarding outstanding youths from all occupations.

The previous recipients that have won the awards on the African stages are Emmanuel denis Ghana (2003. ), Dr Song Bangor of Cameroon  (2004), Dr Toure Elite   (2005), Alhaji Modupe of Nigeria(2006), Cynthia Rice of Gambia (2017), Jacinta Godon (2018) and John Silva of Morocco in 2019.

Other winners of the award include individuals like PROF, Greeklish Owen, Tunde Madmus, David Benson, Samuel Eto’o and Obi Samuel.

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