CALL FOR CONTRIBUTORS – SolarEyes International (fully remote) 

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTORS – SolarEyes International (fully remote). SolarEyes International is seeking reputable experts to act as Contributors to develop content on energy topics and solar topics.

DEADLINE: 03 March 2023

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTORS – SolarEyes International (fully remote

In an attempt to provide its members and all interested parties with the highest quality content possible, SolarEyes International is seeking reputable experts to act as Contributors to develop content on energy topics and solar topics.

About SolarEyes International

SolarEyes International is an international solar energy aggregator and accelerator enhancing the growth of the solar energy industry.

Solar Eyes is a one-stop repository for global solar energy information. More information about SolarEyes International can be found on our website:  https://solareyesinternational.com/

Description of the work

Being a Contributor at SolarEyes International is a remote volunteer position that will last for 3 months. 2-3 hours is required per week and can be done anytime and any day of the week as it is self-managed.

The work can be done from anywhere in the world and the Contributor will manage their time individually.

Content Contributors will volunteer their time and work within their area of expertise and play a key role in helping to shape SolarEyes’ knowledge landscape with attribution to the Contributors.

Requirements for SolarEyes International Contributors

  1. Be well-versed in a topic or topics related to energy
  2. Any qualification and experience that supports your knowledge and expertise in an energy or specifically solar-related topic
  3. Be excellent at writing and elaborating on complicated issues into simpler to digest and simpler-to-follow manner
  4. Be flexible to work remotely under minimum supervision
  5. Be willing to volunteer for 2-3 hours per week

Some benefits of becoming a SolarEyes Contributor include:

  1. Get your work out to the world with an attribution that will boost your profession in the energy sector
  2. Get to network with SolarEyes International’s globally spread network of experts and followers 
  3. Secure a future recommendation from SolarEyes International when the need arises
  4. Be trained and mentored in energy-related areas and stand out in future endeavors
  5. Get experience which you can write on your CV

How to Apply

Use the link below to apply. The due date for applications is 03 March 2023

Click here to apply online: CALL FOR CONTRIBUTORS – SolarEyes International (fully remote)

OR use the following link (form): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdK-6NYDvxljroA6DU-NFWFlO1bl2xHAfT8zrtiC6h8HYZM2A/viewform?usp=sf_link



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