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For some time I have been reading the biographies, books, history, and stories of the successful entrepreneurs in the world. I also did some research on what they possess in common. This article will try to unravel some of the characters that I managed to figure out as the golden one for one to be a successful entrepreneur. Of course, there is no one size fits all concept in business management.

Entrepreneurs are hard workers and they take risks every time. They understood that it is not worthy to always play safe but rather taking calculated risks in life pay abundantly. Entrepreneurs believe that the world cannot be changed by working a few hours a week but long hours of productivity pay. At the same time giving oneself time to rest and reflect. Resting will offers time to regain energy.

Successful entrepreneurs are determined and dedicated to their tasks. They find it relevant to delegate something they are not good at.

Entrepreneurs are actually self-motivated in one way or the other. Self-motivation is the driving force that will push you to stay focused and dedicated to your plan since you are not by any means accountable to anyone. More so, entrepreneurs know very well, what they are offering to the market and the gap they are targeting to fill.

Another key characteristic of an entrepreneur is the ability to create networks. Knowing who to connect and disconnect with is necessary. Networking gives opportunities for partnership.

An entrepreneur should be familiar with basic money management and knowledge to win the game. Of course one doesn’t need to be an accountant or finance expert but just some basics that will make you know where you are standing and whether you making a profit or not. At the same time, entrepreneurs should be flexible according to market changes. Always try to be the champion in the industry by staying unique and effective through adopting the products that are needed by clients.

Entrepreneurs are very passionate about what they do in the industry. It is the passion that keeps them moving when they face some challenges or discouraged in the business. Passion is the motivation energy for entrepreneurs.

As you ponder and reflect your characteristics, consider how best you can develop yourself to become a successful entrepreneur. Take time to evaluate and assess yourself then develop traits that need to be improved.

MATORA HUPILE is a graduate student in International Relations in Turkey. He is a social entrepreneur. He writes on his personal capacity. He can be contacted on

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