Deadline: Unspecified

Location: Virtual (online)

Type of work: Internship for students around the globe

Learn your way around financial statements and what it takes to plan, prepare and sign off a company audit!

It’s more than just profit and loss

Auditors exist to make sure that organisations aren’t releasing dishonest or incorrect information to the public. Audits involve examining an organisation’s financial report to determine whether the information presented accurately reflects its financial position. There’s a whole raft of technical and specific legal requirements and reporting standards that an audit must be prepared in accordance with meaning that the auditor’s job is specialised.

As a graduate in the audit team, you spend the majority of your time examining an organisation to gain an understanding of its activities, inspecting financial and accounting records and watching certain processes being performed. You need careful attention to detail, organisation skills and a sophisticated understanding of the regulatory framework.

In this virtual experience, you will be learning how to conduct an audit and why it is so important to keep organisations honest. It is also a great opportunity for you to get a sense of what it’s like to work in an accounting firm, and no doubt you will develop some new skills.We’ll help you learn & build up these skills: 

Problem solving skillsRisk and compliance skillsBusiness acumenAttention to detailFinancial reporting

We are now accepting applications for our first closed-beta cohort.

How does the Audit Virtual Experience work?

First, enroll in the virtual experience to be placed on our waiting list.

Once the experience opens, you will be able to complete the modules in your own time. It will take between five and seven hours to complete.

Note that as part of the program:

  • you will get real CV/Linkedin credit (plus a referee through Forage)
  • you will receive actual feedback on your work
  • you can complete the experience in your own time
  • you can communicate with other participants and the InsideSherpa team for assistance
  • the opportunity to meet & greet and network with established auditors
  • We will connect high-performers with partner accounting firms for paid physical internship positions and graduate roles

If you have any questions at all or are just excited by the opportunity, please contact our team at
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