Location:  Abidjan, Ivory Coast | Deadline: 03 August 2020 | Contract: Fixed term | Month Salary/ stipend: competitive package | Who can apply? Everyone who meet the desired qualifications | Description of Duties
  1. Lead, coordinate and supervise the implementation of the project in close collaboration with the Ministries of Labour and other major stakeholders. Guide and supervise the work of project staff and ensure effective coordination and collaboration between the various project components and with ILO regional and headquarters offices.
  2. Oversee the design, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of project activities, and ensure effective co-ordination of different elements and interventions in order to ensure the timely and effective implementation of the overall project. Ensure the development of a monitoring and evaluation system.
  3. Building on the ILO’s previous work in Côte d’Ivoire, maintain the ILO’s position as a lead agency in advocacy and technical support. Coordinate and mobilize support from other stakeholders in order to strengthen the countries’ capacities.
  4. Effectively establish and maintain systems for managing project operations. Establish and develop information systems covering technical activities under the project and economic and social issues of relevance to the project; prepare periodic and ad hoc reports on the status of project planning and implementation; and establish coordination with concerned ILO departments and programs.
  5. Identify training and capacity development needs; organize and conduct training workshops and meetings on all project intervention areas for the tripartite partners, NGOs, other agencies, private sector, target groups and staff as appropriate to reinforce the professional capabilities; adapt training guides, manuals and other knowledge-sharing materials to local environment.
  6. Build the capacity of the Ministry of Labour and other relevant government agencies, social partners and the private sector identified during the bid preparation process.
  7. Strengthen relationships to cooperate and coordinate with concerned government agencies, ministries, employers’ and workers’ organizations, private sector, non-governmental organizations, target groups and donors, in the planning and implementation of activities under the project and engage actively in social and civil society dialogue, coalition building and public-private partnership promotion.
  8. Develop knowledge sharing tools designed to forge partnerships, share good practices and foster networks of government policymakers, workers’ and employers’ organizations and civil society organizations to reach the project’s goals.
  9. Liaise with the UN Country Team to promote ILO’s values within UN initiatives, increase the project’s visibility and facilitate the scaling-up of the project’s interventions. Ensure effective coordination with a range of relevant national policies and strategies of various projects, including those undertaken by other agencies or in complementary fields of activity.
  10. Effectively manage human resources including recruitment, staff development and performance management of project personnel. Effectively manage the funds/budgets allocated to the project.
  11. Oversee the development and approval process of sub-contracts, monitor the performance of sub-contractors and ensure timely implementation of sub-contracts. Ensure that all USDOL rules and regulations related to the Cooperative Agreement are strictly applied.
  12. Undertake any other relevant duties requested by the Director of CO-Abidjan.
Education Advanced university degree in in public policy, international development, social science, anthropology, education, economics, or related field preferred and with demonstrated expertise. For more information on application, click the following link:

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