Senior Project Manager x23 Positions at Transnet

Senior Project Manager x23 Positions at Transnet

DEADLINE: 04 September 2023

Senior Project Manager x23 Positions at Transnet

Position Purpose:

The Senior Project Manager, reporting to the Principal Project Manager/ Project Director is accountable for ensuring the efficient and effective delivery of the project(s).

The Senior Project Manager has the overall accountability for the scope, cost, schedule and quality on all the phases of the project(s).

The Senior Project Manager provides routine and regular feedback to the Project Sponsors, Principal Project / Project Director on progress, issues or areas of concern.

The Senior Project Manager is a hands-on manager and as such, he will participate in project related activities, as necessary, during the project and will be familiar with all aspects of the project implementation. The Senior Project Manager has the delegated authority to make decisions and co-ordinate overall needs and direction in liaison with the Principal Project Manager/ Project Director.

The Senior Project Manager will review the progress of the project regularly with the Principal Project Manager and project team as necessary.

The Senior Project Manager provides support and assist with major issues, problems and policy conflicts; removes obstacles; is active in planning the scope; approves scope changes, signs off major deliverables; and signs off on approvals to proceed to each succeeding project phase as per the PLP process.

The Senior Project Manager fulfils the role of direct liaison officer with the Transnet Divisions Customers and Stakeholders in support of the Senior Management, Public Regulatory & Government interactions.

Position outputs:

  1. Ensure that the project(s) are executed safely and in compliance with all regulatory requirements, company policies, standing instructions and safe working procedures.
  2. Develop an appropriate organisation structure for execution of the project, identify functions necessary.
  3. Establish specific policies/procedures relevant to project execution and arrange preparation of the Project Execution Plan (PEP).
  4. Ensure that the project(s) are executed in compliance with all regulatory requirements, company policies, standing instructions and working procedures.
  5. Set goals and objectives, identify priorities, clearly communicate these to team members and appropriate other parties, and provide leadership in their implementation. Motivate, ensure commitment and build a result-oriented team focused on achieving the optimum outcome for Transnet.
  1. Direct, control and manage through nominated staff all aspects of the project including in-house engineering, procurement and risk management, construction, interfaces, administration functions and all externalwork undertaking by contractors and consultants throughout the design, supply, construction and commissioning phases of the project.
  1. Overview and ensure that work and progress on the project will satisfy the client’s expectations and ensure that PPR’s are updated on a weekly basis to reflect the latest project information.
  2. Maintain a relationship with the client at a senior executive level.
  3. Maintain and display clear “ownership” and accountability for delivery of the project’s business outcomes.
  4. Ensure initiation and execution of the work is in accordance with the PEP, such that completion of the project is achieved by the authorised completion date, within the authorised budget and equals or exceedsthe expected quality.
  1. Ensure that all communication channels are effectively operating amongst project team members and business units and that co-ordination and co-operation between disciplines is occurring.
  2. Co-ordinate the development of a project budget derived from the initial or proposal budget and a corresponding projectimplementation schedule. Conduct regular project progress and cost estimate review meetings.
  1. Ensure the final forecast estimate to completion is updated and maintained and the client is aware at all times of the forecast final cost.
  2. Monitor and measure the work being executed regularly against schedule, milestone deliverables and capital expenditure budgets.
  3. Recommend and implement corrective strategies where needed to best meet Transnet’s overall project objectives.
  4. Transition the project’s execution phase into its operating phase by implementing the plans for the future running of the business.
  5. Sets the projects goals and business objectives, including scope, cost, time safety, start-up and risk, etc.
  6. Ensure adherence to the project’s authorised Scope of Work, monitor scope status and advise the client accordingly.
  7. Defines and delegates the projects roles and assigns levels of approval and authority.
  8. Develops the operating and maintenance strategies and facilitates their input.
  9. Develop plans for commissioning / project(s) handover.
  10. Be responsible for communication with the client, particularly as regards requests for changes and modifications, Ensure contractual commitments regarding deliverables are met.
  11. Engages in all decision making about the project’s implementation that is not delegated to the Project Manager(s)
  12. Review and approve the monthly project progress report prepared for the client and / or for distribution to other parties.
  13. Provide inputs in writing of Business Cases for approval.
  14. Controls the project’s capital and maintains strict controls on variations and contingency, Manage and recommend variants to FFC’s and PCN’s on PEP’s, other than originally stated.
  15. Responsible for decision about short term.
  16. Sign third party procurement contracts within the approved delegated framework limits as the Client.
  17. Participate and attend Procurement Committee meetings; attend bid clarification meetings; attend and represent Client on Environmental Management Forums; and Business Unit Presentation Feedback Sessions.
  1. Support staff development and skills transfer

Qualifications & Experience:

  • B-Tech or BSc Eng. or Equivalent Bachelor’s Degree (Civil, Mech or Equivalent) is required.
  • PMP Certification or Equivalent PM Certification or SACPCMP (PrCPM) registration is required.
  • 8 years’ experience in an infrastructure development/ project management environment.


  • Sound knowledge of project management principles
  • Advanced knowledge of Marine or Civil engineering profession
  • Sound knowledge of codes and standards within the profession
  • Sound knowledge of Environmental Rehabilitation
  • Thorough understanding

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