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The future is a mystery that we all live to see. The passing of each day is linking you to your future while simultaneously gliding past your present moment birthing a future past. Yesterday, the last ten minutes or hours were once a future you wanted to see. What did you aim to see at that juncture that has passed? Did you make the calls that you wanted to make? To most of us, that time just flew by without bringing any value to us nor nesting a good place for another future we are yet to see.

Brian Tracy teaches that a minute in planning saves ten in execution. Planning is the best tool for preparing for the future. It maps the vision that you want to take as a student, business owner, worker, or teacher. Because we do not know tomorrow, planning gives room to look for other possibilities of getting where we want to be. Once plan A is set, its shortfalls create room for plan B and C.

The present and past are the conduits linking the future. Yesterday laid a foundation for today, so does today lay foundation for tomorrow. What you do now will determine what you do next.  If the starting execution is done well now, the rest of the race will be easy. The past bears the vision you had when you started, always refer back as you work on your goals. It is like a light from a light house that beams light to a distant place. It brightens your path and gives you guidance.

It reminds me of the wise monkey in the cartoon The Lion King, he had this to say to Simba, “The past can hurt but the way I see it you can either run from it or learn from it.” With the advent of the dynamism of technology and lifestyle of this generation, we need to learn and not run from the lessons. What we have or had stood as guides to what needs to be done. With each change learn, unlearn and relearn that is how you can easily be adjusted to the future. Ancient war tactics will not help you win the modern war but the principles learnt will.

Have a reason to live and do what you do. Your WHY will make you stand strong and defy the odds. The simple reason to see your children learn in better schools or having your business grow is good enough for you to work flat out. Many authors have written about this and it is innate in all of us that we do things for a reason. It is not that someone has no vision or they are lazy, it is said they lack the reason or motive to do so.

The roots made the fruits. The outside was made from the inside that is why it reflects the inside. The future is born now. Make harmony with the present. Make the best use of it. It is all you have. Be with the people who make you recall that you have a legacy to leave. The small steps you take will turn into greater miles. Hang on. One step from poverty is a step towards richness, a step from darkness is a step towards the light. Keep connecting to the future.

Lewis Madziire has been writing and speaking as a motivational speaker for over two years. He has vast acquired knowledge as a Finance graduate, life coach and fitness coach. This helps him attain his aim to help society create a balanced life-financially, socially and health-wise.  His book The anchor is a life-changing manual that you must grab. Lewis can be contacted via email

Lewis hail from Harare, Zimbabwe

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