PROCESS ENGINEER GRADE II x5: SASOL SOUTH AFRICA (Closing date: 23 November 2022)

Apply for Process Engineer Grade II x5 position at SASOL South Africa

DEADLINE: 23 November 2022

Purpose of Job

A process engineer grade II will utilise authoritative levels of experience in process engineering to manage and / or execute the design, engineering, development and modification of processes in accordance with sound established engineering principles and standards to satisfy business requirements. Will apply a broad base of process engineering generalist knowledge and competence and a fundamental understanding with regards to process equipment (e.g., Design and safe operation thereof).

Key Accountabilities

  • Design and execute the commissioning and start-up experience of process plants
  • Apply detailed knowledge in technology area
  • Formulate and execute the process engineering scope for small to medium multidisciplinary projects
  • Apply lessons learned and ensure timely input/feedback to identified specifications and procedures
  • Provide information to support the sharing of knowledge with regards to engineering and technical field of expertise to share with disciplines and/or technology management
  • Select and implement up to date tools and standards
  • Ensure application of appropriate workflows
  • Provide input into Technical execution strategies including licensing, in-house technology development and appropriate use of engineering contractors (ECs).
  • Identify key technical risks leading to effective technology selection and support the successful execution thereof
  • Contribute to the development and management of the engineering execution plan with respect to process engineering
  • Ensure application of engineering execution plans, implementing and driving all process engineering activities and deliverables to closure
  • Provide predictable schedules describing all process activities
  • Provide efficient and high-quality services to the service requestor to match agreed requirements
  • Ensure functional delivery and contributions
  • Hold and Review plan and Engineering Track Quality Plan (ETQP) executed and tracked continuously
  • Ensure all critical process documents are reviewed and signed off by sponsor and function as identified within the ETQP/Hold and Review plan e.g., DIQ, BLIT and engineering package
  • Ensure compliance to environmental, safety and legal specifications
  • Ensure project success by adherence to cost, schedule and quality targets for project scope
  • Ensure critical predictability
  • Ensure process deliverables are executed and issued as per agreed schedule commitments
  • Apply and understand technical processes core to Sasol’s competitiveness and advantage or in engineering conceptualization and commercialization
  • Generate ideas within the portfolio and ensure technical decisions
  • Solve process problems
  • Identify proactive identification and resolution of ideas concerns and problems
  • Interpret and translate business requirements into a process engineering strategy to enable OME to safely meet production targets
  • Translate OME project team strategy into team working model
  • Manage and develop people in the team
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing and innovation
  • Ensure personal development plans are completed, implemented and tracked within applicable career path
  • Be responsible for own performance management
  • Report on budget utilisation, forecasting and changes
  • Provide efficient and high-quality services to stakeholders
  • Maintain healthy and stable relationships with contractors and consultants
  • Oversee the safety of external service providers
  • Active practicing of interpersonal skills to ensure productive working relationships and to work with, or through, others internal and/or external the organisation to get work accomplished
  • Display influencing, negotiating, maturity and emotional intelligence
  • Operate successfully in a diverse work environment
  • Participate in multi-layered interactions and networks
  • Interact with licensors, ECs and SBUs regularly and has a good external and internal network

Formal Education

University Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (BEng/BSc Chemical)

Min Experience

5+ relevant years

Certification & Professional Membership



Analytics: The systematic computational analysis of data or statistics

Compliance: Understanding the rules, regulations, sanctions and other statutory requirements, guidelines and instructions relating to governing bodies and organizations, both internally and externally.

Continuous Process Improvement: The methodology followed for increasing the effectiveness and/or efficiency of a business process, often through automation.

Problem Solving: Is a step-by-step process of defining a problem, searching for information, and testing a series of solutions until the problem is solved. In involves critical thinking, analysis and persistence.

Project Coordination: Knowledge and experience with Project Coordination is planning, organizing, and managing tasks and resources to accomplish a objective this include an administrative, liaison and support role that supports one or more projects. Usually used during smaller non capital projects.

Relationship Management: The conscious aim to develop and manage long-term and/or trusting relationships with internal or external customers, distributors, suppliers, or other parties in an environment which can include marketing, selling, servicing and other areas where a relationship is crucial to on-going success.  At a senior level, it includes C-level relationships with senior management such as CEO [Chief Executive Officer], CIO [Chief Information Officer], and CFO [Chief Financial Officer].

Reporting: The ability to access information from databases, forms, and other sources, and prepare reports according to requirements.

Total Quality Management: The strategy for continuously improving the quality of process output, based on five fundamental principles of Customer Focus, Continuous Improvement, Measurement, Total Involvement and Systematic Support.

Click here to apply for Process Engineer Grade II position at SASOL

Click here to apply for Process Engineer Grade II position at SASOL

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