By Lewis Madziire CONTRIBUTOR (Opinions expressed by YOH contributors are their own.)

Success is one of the things that we all want and it keeps us doing what we do daily. Success is all around us. Many people limit success to getting a degree, being a millionaire, buying a dream car or dream house you name it. Nay, that is stereotyping success and making it a scarce jewel.

If someone aspires to be a good parent and they do so they are successful. Should you aim to wake up early in the morning for morning prayers or exercises and you do as per your aim that is a clear emblem of success.

We all have talents. Our talents are part of us, they are us. They make us unique from the rest. The talents we are endowed with are a unique selling point for us to the outer world. They are our easiest gateway to success. Talents are a strong part that makes up our passion. Passion finds a good place to mature and flourish where there is a talent.

Look at the gifts that the Almighty gave you and see your area of unbeatable strength. If you are a talented speaker make use of it. Be a soccer player, an artist, a writer who is exceptional. Nurture, cultivate, and love your talent it will bring to you a great deal of fortune that will take you to your dream life.

The advantage of building upon a talent is that you are given a quick start. A talented person in a field, who is also hardworking is a step ahead. When others struggle to tap into the area one is talented, the person gets to do what is needed to be done with much ease. In a class, someone might be best at maths and do wonders than in other subjects. This person has an edge in this subject and must get the best out of it.

When focusing on areas that your talent lies progress and growth in your talent is more important than the income. Your skill and knowledge in your field grow because you love what you do and you are motivated by doing that. It is true that when you love what you do money will come by in masses. People buy fruits of skill and talent. The better the products the skill produces the more the people are willing to pay.

Your success is nearer to you than you think. Follow and do what is within you. Do that and do very well you will be happy and successful.

Lewis Madziire has been writing and speaking as a motivational speaker for over two years. He has vast acquired knowledge as a Finance graduate, life coach and fitness coach. This helps him attain his aim to help society create a balanced life-financially, socially and health-wise.  His book The anchor is a life-changing manual that you must grab. Lewis can be contacted via email

Lewis hail from Harare, Zimbabwe

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