Busamed Hillcrest Private Hospital is hiring for x3 Nurses

DEADLINE: 22 November 2022

About Busamed Hillcrest Private Hospital

The Busamed Hospital Group is an award-winning, proudly South African private hospital group, providing specialist services in seven state-of-the art hospitals across the country. The group has a vision to provide quality, cost-effective services to all its patients, in partnership with its specialist health professionals, using a combination of high clinical standards and innovative technology. Each of the hospitals under the Busamed umbrella has core specialities, together with in-house ancillary services like radiology, pharmacy, pathology, and physiotherapy.

a) Enrolled Nurse x2

The Enrolled Nurse is responsible for direct and/or indirect nursing care of a patient or group of patients and will function under the direct and/or indirect supervision of the Registered Nurse and Unit Manager. Nursing activities form part of a nursing regime that is planned and initiated by the Registered Nurse. The Enrolled Nurse will be responsible for the assessment and care of the needs of patients and will be responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of appropriate programmes of care, ensuring the delivery of high quality care to patients.

Click here to apply online for the x2 Enrolled Nurse positions

b) Registered Nurse

The Registered Nurse will render and promote cost effective, safe quality patient care in accordance to hospital standards and policies. As a Professional Practitioner, the incumbent also is responsible for and is held accountable for his/her own acts and omissions. The incumbent will further be responsible for direct and/or indirect nursing care of a patient or a group of patients, for assessing, planning, executing and supervising the implementation of care to meet patient needs.

Is a role model in the delivery of evidence based care and will actively participate in clinical governance, auditing of health records to ensure compliance, ensuring all stock is well controlled and managed, charged and credited appropriately, effective risk prevention and management, manage acuity and skill mix to ensure appropriate level of care.

Click here to apply online for the x1 Registered Nurse

Visit Busamed Hillcrest Private Hospital Careers’ website

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